Sentence Examples with the word Denounced

He was immediately denounced to the convention, and his life was only saved by his instant and ingenious adaptation of St Scholastica into an embodiment of Philosophy.

Flamsteed denounced the production as surreptitious; he committed to the flames three hundred copies, of which he obtained possession through the favour of Sir Robert Walpole; and, in defiance of bodily infirmities, vigorously prosecuted his designs for the entire and adequate publication of the materials he continued to accumulate.

Gladstone, before he accepted office, had denounced the policy of annexing the Transvaal; his language was so strong that he was charged with encouraging the Beers to maintain their independence by force; his example had naturally been imitated by some of his followers at the general election; and, when be resumed power, he found himself in the difficult dilemma of either maintaining an arrangement which he had declared to be unwise, or of yielding to a demand which the Boers were already threatening to support in arms. The events of the first year of his administration added to his difficulty.

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As an ardent Languedocian he hated the French, and spoke openly of the king in disrespectful terms. But when he tried to organize a general rising of the south, he was denounced to the king, perhaps by his old enemies the count of Foix and the bishop of Toulouse.

The changes were freely denounced as equally petty and vexatious; they were, moreover, too often inconsistent with the avowed principles of the revisers.

Meanwhile, armed conventicles abounded, and the extreme faction openly denounced and separated themselves from the rapidly growing mass of the Indulged.

He did not indeed escape calumny, and was even denounced on a charge of immoral practices, but fully and honourably acquitted.

Himself denounced on the 20th of May 1795, he was defended by his brother Thomas, but only escaped condemnation by the vote of amnesty of the 4th of Brumaire, year IV.

He was master of the holy cities, and the official Moniteur Ottoman denounced his supposed plan of aiming at the caliphate in collusion with the sherif of Mecca.

Oresme was the author of several works on astrology, in which he showed its falseness as a science and denounced its practice.