Sentence Examples with the word Denoting

It is probable that the verb had a special form denoting condition, as in Arabic. There was a causative form prefixing t, and ti-aces of forms resembling Piel and Niphal are observed.

Absolutio from absolvo, loosen, acquit), a term used in civil and ecclesiastical law, denoting the act of setting free or acquitting.

ANGEL, a general term denoting a subordinate superhuman being in monotheistic religions, e.g.

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It is clear, however, that through Ray's work in the 17th century the common biological application of species became fixed much in its modern form, as denoting a group of animals or plants capable of interbreeding, and although not necessarily quite identical, with marked common characters.

ARTHROPODA, a name, denoting the possession by certain animals of jointed limbs, now applied to one of the three sub-phyla into which one of the great phyla (or primary branches) of coelomocoelous animals - the Appendiculata - is divided; the other two being respectively the Chaetopoda and the Rotifera.

Under external migration are comprised emigration and immigration, denoting simply direction from and to.

In reckoning years from any fixed epoch in constant succession, the number denoting the years is necessarily always on the increase.

Restricted Substitutions We may regard the factors of a binary n ip equated to zero as denoting n straight lines through the origin, the co-ordinates being Cartesian and the axes inclined at any angle.

SPECIES, a term, in its general and once familiar significance, applied indiscriminately to animate and inanimate objects and to abstract conceptions or ideas, as denoting a particular phase, or sort, in which anything might appear.

The plant formation may be designated in technical language ph the termination -ion added to a stem denoting the habitat.