Sentence Examples with the word Denoted

L ax 2 2 ax i l This is called the kth transvectant of f over 4); it may be conveniently denoted by (f, (15)k.

This ratio, invariably denoted by 7r, is constant for all circles, but it does not admit of exact arithmetical expression, being of the nature of an incommensurable number.

The logarithm is also a function of frequent occurrence in analysis, being regarded as a known and recognized function like sin x or tan x; but in mathematical investigations the base generally employed is not 10, but a certain quantity usually denoted by the letter e, of value 2.71828 18284 ...

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Remark, too, that we are in association with non-unitary symmetric functions of two systems of quantities which will be denoted by partitions in brackets ()a, ()b respectively.

It is quite possible that shabattum and nubattum are from the same root and originally denoted much the same thing - a pause, abstention, from whatever cause or for ceremonial purposes.

This ratio is termed the eccentricity, and will be denoted by e.

In any region of velocity where it is possible to represent p with sufficient accuracy by an empirical formula composed of a single power of v, say v m, the integration can be effected which replaces the summation in (to), (16), and (24); and from an analysis of the Krupp experiments Colonel Zabudski found the most appropriate index m in a region of velocity as given in the following table, and the corresponding value of gp, denoted by f (v)or v m lk or its equivalent Cr, where r is the retardation.

The objects denoted by the other six names - ox, house, valve of a door, water, fish and mark or cross - clearly do not belong to any people in a nomadic state, but to a settled, town-abiding population..

The elementary functions are denoted by (1), (12), (13), ...

These fossils, which are now in the British Museum, were interpreted by Dr Mantell, who made comparisons with the skeleton of Iguana, on the erroneous supposition that the resemblance in the teeth denoted some relationship to this existing lizard.