Sentence Examples with the word Dennis

Roman remains have also been discovered within the town, and remains of tombs outside, originally covered by tumuli, which have now disappeared, so that Dennis wrongly took them for megalithic remains.

In a tract entitled The Absolute Unlawfulness of Stage Entertainments (1726) Law was tempted by the corruptions of the stage of the period to use unreasonable language, and incurred some effective criticism from John Dennis in The Stage Defended.

His father, Dennis Hart Mahan (1802-1871) was a professor in the military academy, and the author of textbooks on civil and military engineering.

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Was an archway, conjectured by Dennis to be a gate of the Roman period, destroyed in 1848.

The distance from Dennis Head in North Ronaldshay of the Orkneys to Sumburgh Head in Shetland is 50 m., but Fair Isle, which belongs to Shetland, lies midway between the groups.