Sentence Examples with the word Denmark

Werner Abrahamson (1744-1812) was the first aesthetic critic Denmark produced.

Jens Baggesen is the greatest comic poet that Denmark has produced; and as a satirist and witty lyrist he has no rival among the Danes.

Kitchen-middens of England, Ireland and Denmark reveal the existence of the capercally, Tetrao urogallus, and of the great auk or gare-fowl, Alca impennis; both species long since vanished from those countries.

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The representatives of the states favorable to this proposal, ic, Austria, Luxemburg, Denmark and the four kingdoms, came together in Frankfort on the 4th of September 1850, constituted themselves a Plenum of the old diet and refused to admit the other states except under the terms of the act of 1815.

The Faeroe islands, which form an integral part of the kingdom of Denmark in the wider sense, are represented in the Danish parliament, but not the other dependencies of the Danish crown, namely Iceland, Greenland and the West Indian islands of St Thomas, St John and St Croix.

Of Denmark founded a mission on the Coromandel coast, and inaugurated the labours of Bartholomew Ziegenbalg, Henry Plutschau and C. F.

Between 1300 and 1500, however, it is supposed that the Kjaempeviser, or Danish ballads, a large collection of about Soo epical and lyrical poems, were originally composed, and these form the most precious legacy of the Denmark of the middle ages, whether judged historically or poetically.

New blood of the best quality nourished and stimulated the whole body politic. Expansion and progress were the watchwords at home, and abroad it seemed as if Denmark were about to regain her former position as a great power.

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NYBORG, a seaport of Denmark on the east side of the island of Fiinen, in the amt (county) of Svendborg, and the point from which the ferry crosses the Great Belt to Korsor in Zealand (1 5 m.).