Sentence Examples with the word Demonic

This terrible intermezzo was no longer terrestrial, but was a cosmic and universal crisis in which the Messiah would emerge victorious from the final conflict with the heathen and demonic powers.

The gesture described was probably the same as that with which a Christian priest averts demonic influences from the heads of his congregation in the act of blessing them.

Kopbfiavmr), in Greek mythology, half divine, half demonic beings, bearing the same relation to the Asiatic Great Mother of the Gods that the Curetes bear to Rhea.

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There are some intensely vivid descriptions of the resurrection and the last day which must have exercised a demonic power over men who were quite unfamiliar with such pictures.

When the divine is most completely conceived as unity, the demonic is also so conceived; and over against God stands Satan, or the devil.

The history of religion presents other examples of the degradation of holy to demonic figures on occasion of religious schism.

Nero was now a demonic monster from the abyss, and the ten kings no longer Parthians but ghostly helpers of Nero.

Semler denied the reality of demonic possession, and held that Christ in his language accommodated himself to the views of the sick whom he was seeking to cure.