Sentence Examples with the word Democracies

According to the Center for Systemic Peace's tally, the world went from just twenty democracies in 1946 to ninety-two in 2009.

Was, in his eyes, merely a new attempt to build up afresh the theocracy of the middle ages upon the ruins of the old monarchies, utilizing to this end the inexperience of the young and easily beguiled democracies of the dawning 20th century.

Still others say that democratic leaders answer to populations that generally oppose war and conduct themselves so as to win reelection; or that democracies see other democracies as allies and non-democracies as threats, so they only wage war against the latter.

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In the 5th century the three cities were enrolled in the Delian League, and democracies became prevalent.

The theory is that democracies do not go to war with other democracies.

In return for the excesses of the democracies Rome dissolved the league, which, however, was allowed to revive under Augustus, and merged with the other central Greek federations in the Achaean synod.

Some say it is because democracies are richer than other countries and thus have more to lose in war.

By throwing in her lot with the Peloponnesian democracies and Athens, Argos seriously endangered Sparta's supremacy, but the defeat of Mantineia (418) and a successful rising of the Argive oligarchs spoilt this chance.

The basic difference between a democracy and a republic is that democracies are the rule of the majority and republics are the rule of the law.

As Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has noted, democracies don't have famines.