Sentence Examples with the word Demand

The process was accelerated by the demand for a standard or rule of faith and practice.

Again it was known that the Transvaal and Orange River colonies on their attainment of self-government would each demand full control of their own resources, to the detriment of the unitary services which Lord Milner had established.

One does not look for absolute consistency in oriental narratives, and even this little book contains several internal intricacies which demand investigation.

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But the work of distribution and the adaptation of the supply to the demand of the consumer naturally fall to those who are best acquainted with native wants.

At the same time the mothers of the murdered men came to the Temple to demand vengeance.

The demand for this class of bagging, which is made from fine hessian yarns, is still great.

Among the non-scientific public his fame was spread more effectually by his rediscovery about 1815 of the kaleidoscope, for which there was a great demand in both England and America.

Balue thereupon joined Guillaume de Harancourt, bishop of Verdun, in an intrigue to induce Charles of France to demand Champagne and Brie in accordance with the king's promise to Charles the Bold, instead of distant Guienne where the king was determined to place him.

The maximum wage you can earn, though, is defined by supply and demand for labor, and by your negotiating ability, but it also has a cap.

The revolution of 1830 had just inflicted a severe blow on the ecclesiastical party in France, and almost the first act of the new government there was to seize Ancona, thus throwing all Italy, and particularly the Papal States, into an excited condition which seemed to demand strongly repressive measures.