Sentence Examples with the word Deltaic

North of the apex of the delta and the boundary between the deltaic and inland tracts, the rainfall gradually lessens as far as Minbu, where what was formerly called the rainless zone commences and extends as far as Katha.

These branches enclose a deltaic formation, a low tract of marshy alluvium known as the Lezirias, traversed by several minor channels.

Thebes and Ammon and the traditions of the Empire savoured too much now of the Ethiopian; the priests of1 the Memphite and Deltaic dynasty thereupon turned deliberately for their models to the times of the ancient supremacy of Memphis, and the sculptures and texts on tomb and temple had to conform as closely as possible to those of the Old Kingdom.

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East of the Rangoon river and still within the deltaic area, though cut off from the main delta by the southern end of the Pegu Yomas, lies the mouth of the Sittang.

The deltaic portions are of course a dead level; and the highest hills within the district in the western or frontier tract do not exceed 2500 ft.

And S.W., between which lie fertile valleys, while the northwestern, southern and western portions form part of the great deltaic plain of the north of China.

Isis nursing the child Horus (Harpokhrates) was a very common figure in the Deltaic period, and in these later days was still a favourite representation.

Owing to the deltaic nature of the Nile Valley, the fields on the banks are 3 ft.

Syria of which Antioch and Aleppo have been the successive capitals; and this relation has prevailed over the extreme unhealthiness of the site, which lies on marshy deltaic ground, screened by the horseshoe of Elma Dagh from all purifying influences of N.

Egypt before the Deltaic dynasties, but Diodorus in the first century B.C. describes how its eggs were hatched artificially, as they are at the present day.