Sentence Examples with the word Delta

The most important and best-known rivers are the Amberno, in the north, discharging by a wide delta at Point d'Urville; the Kaiserin Augusta, which, rising in the Charles Louis range, and entering the Pacific near Cape della Torre, is navigable by ocean steamers for 180 m.; the Ottilien, a river of great length, which discharges into the sea a short distance south of the last named; and the Mambare, navigable by steam-launch for 50 m.

The chief of these was limestone of varying degrees of fineness, composing the cliffs which lined the valley from the apex of the Delta to the neighborhood of El Kab; the best quality was obtained on the east side opposite Memphis from the quarries of Turra and Masgra.

M.; and the total area of inundated land north and south of the delta at nearly 60 sq.

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That there might also be a waterway between Alexandria and the Red Sea, they cut a canal between the Delta and the northern Arsinoe.

Rumania was to be indemnified at the expense of Turkey by the delta of the Danube and the Dobrudja as far as Constantza.

The Niger delta was for long known as the Oil rivers.

Another stimulus came from the biologists, Pacific. On the 1st of November 1876 a cyclone acting in this who began to realize the importance of a more detailed investigaway submerged a great area of the level plain of the Ganges tion of the life conditions of organisms at great depths in the delta to a depth of 46 ft.; here the influence of the difference sea.

Max.), a curiously shaped lake nearly divided by the delta of the Measand Beck.

On the Niger at the head of the delta are Asaba (west bank) and Onitsha (east bank); Iddah (Ida), in the palm-oil zone; Lokoja on the west bank opposite the confluence with the Benue, and the headquarters of the protectorate's military force; Baro, on the east bank, 70 m.

A number of petty peoples, of whom little definite is known, fringed Palestine from the south of Judah and the Delta to the Syrian desert.