Sentence Examples with the word Delle

Annually, the Po delle Tolle 262 ft., the Po della Gnocca I I 11 ft., and the Po di Coro 259 ft.

As to Alpine legends, consult Maria Savi-Lopez, Leggende delle Alpi (1889); M.

Aichino, of the Geological Survey of Italy, will be found in the Enciclopedia delle arte e industrie (Turin, 1898).

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There he studied under Bezzuoli and Segnolini at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, and attended anatomy classes under Zanetti; but he soon returned to complete his general education at Frankfort, receiving no further direct instruction in art for five years.

His other works are Istoria critica e filosofica del suicidio (1761); Delle conquiste celebri esaminate col naturale diritto delle genti (1763); Storia critica del moderno diritto di natura e delle genti (1789); and a few poems and philosophic comedies.

His Delle revoluzioni della Germania was published at Florence in 1804, in which year he went to Paris as the imperial librarian, on the invitation of Napoleon.

The hill above the town is crowned by the imposing Castello delle Quattro Torri, built in 1358, and now a prison.

Two miles to the east in a ravine below Monte Subasio is the hermitage delle Carceri (2300 ft.), partly built, partly cut out of the solid rock, given to St Francis by Benedictine monks as a place of retirement.

The printing of the Istoria delle guerre civili di Francia was, however, completed, and the success and sale of the work were immediate and enormous.

His writings include: Della economia pubblica e delle sue attinenze con la morale e col diritto (Bologna, 1859), and La Chiesa e lo Stato (Milan, 1878).