Sentence Examples with the word Delaware

A protracted boundary dispute with Maryland, which colony at first claimed the whole of Delaware under Lord Baltimore's charter, was not settled until 1767, when the present line separating Delaware and Maryland was adopted.

I explained how an Agent connected my call to the Delaware murder of Marcia Stonehurst.

The Dutch had long claimed the whole coast from Delaware Bay to Cape Cod, but by the treaty of Hartford (1650), negotiated between himself and the commissioners of the United Colonies of New England, Stuyvesant agreed to a boundary which on the mainland roughly determined the existing boundary between New York and Connecticut and on Long Island extended southward from the west side of Oyster Bay to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Kaolin abounds in Chester and Delaware counties, and fire-clay in several of the western counties.

Both these men were Quakers, and in 1675 Fenwicke with a large, company of his co-religionists crossed the Atlantic, sailed up Delaware Bay, and landed at a fertile spot which he called Salem.

DELAWARE, a city and the county-seat of Delaware county, Ohio, U.S.A., on the Olentangy (or Whetstone) river, near the centre of the state.

One such incident was an obvious abduction in rural Delaware that occurred overnight.

I prefer not to cross state lines with my prizes, but Delaware is such a small state I'd left its boundary before I realized.

Relatives from Delaware and Alabama are about to visit.

The state constitution of 1867, the one now in force, has been frequently amended, all that is required for its amendment being a three-fifths vote of all of the members elected to each of the two houses of the General Assembly, followed by a majority vote of the state electorate, and it is further ' Maryland and Delaware together began the construction of the Delaware and Chesapeake canal (132 m.