Sentence Examples with the word Del

But his position in the history of Spanish literature is due to his Historia del famoso predicador fray Gerundio de Campazas, alias Zotes (1758), a novel which wittily caricatures the bombastic eloquence of pulpit orators in Spain.

ALMODOVAR DEL CAMPO, or ALMODOVAR, a town of Spain, in the province of Ciudad Real, 18 m.

Cavallotti, Rome, 1904); Saint-Edme, Constitution et organisation des Carbonari; P. Colletta, Storia del Reame di Napoli (Florence, 1848); B.

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The Sierra de Gredos has a road across it connecting Avila with Talavera de Ia Reina by the Puerto del Pico; but for the most part there are only bridle-paths across the Gredos and Gata ranges, and no railway crosses either of them, although the line from Plasencia to Salamanca skirts the Sierra de Gredos on the west.

Father Martin del Rio, a Jesuit, writing in 1600, discusses the exact case of the revelation of a plot in confession.

Its general range from the extreme north to Patagonia is 14,000 to 15,500 ft., but along the Patagonian frontier it sinks rapidly, until in Tierra del Fuego it lies at about 4900 ft.

They left Callao on the 21st of December 1605, and in the following year discovered the island now known as Espiritu Santo, one of the New Hebrides group, which De Quiros, under the impression that it was indeed the land of which he was in search, named La Austrialia del Espiritu Santo.

The old town centres in the Plaza del Mercado, from which narrow and tortuous lanes radiate in various directions; the new one dates, from about the middle of the 18th century, and its streets are wide and straight.

Farther, from the basin-shaped group of the Monti del Matese (which rises to 6660 ft.) to the neighbourhood of Potenza, in the heart of the province of Basilicata, corresponding nearly to the ancient Lucania.

The master lost no time in proceeding to the execution of his design upon the mural surface; this time he had devised a technical method of which, after a preliminary trial in the Sala del Papa, he regarded the success as certain; the colours, whether tempera or other remains in doubt, were to be laid on a specially prepared ground, and then both colours and ground made secure upon the wall by the application of heat.