Sentence Examples with the word Deistical

The doctrine of analogy was intended as a reply to the deistical conclusions that had been drawn from Locke's theory of knowledge.

The general tendency of the deistical writings is sufficiently self-consistent to justify a common name.

Leland, View of the Principal Deistical Writers, V.

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It was intended as a defence against the great tide of deistical speculation (see Deism), which in the apprehension of many good men seemed likely to sweep away the restraints of religion and make way for a general reign of licence.

It is this strong grasp of the imperfect character of our knowledge of nature and of the grounds for its limitation that makes Butler so formidable an opponent to his deistical contemporaries.

It was not a religious movement; and though, as a defiance of the accepted theology, its character was mainly theological, the deistical crusade belongs, not to the history of the church, or of dogma, but to the history of general culture.

See John Leland, A View of the Principal Deistical Writers (2 vols., 1754-1756; ed.

Teller's writings present rationalism in its course of development from biblical supernaturalism to the borders of deistical naturalism.

Dodwell's ingenious thesis, that Christianity is not founded on argument, was certainly not meant as an aid to faith; and, though its starting-point is different from all other deistical works, it may safely be reckoned amongst their number.