Sentence Examples with the word Deidre

Cheered by the sight of food, Deidre dug in.

Then, he'd stop throwing up barriers and give this Deidre a chance.

Darkyn stepped out of the corner where he stood and Deidre grew edgy, fear fluttering through her.

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Her breath knocked from her, Deidre didn't move for a long minute then sat up, gasping.

Self-conscious in front of Gabriel's closest friend, Deidre faced him, tilting her head back to meet his liquid silver eyes.

It was the same sequence Deidre went through before making the private deal with the demon lord, the one that resulted in her reincarnation and condemned human-Deidre to become the mate of the Dark One.

Unwilling to admit to the bonds let alone talk about them, Deidre focused on the girl.

What you did to Deidre cannot be undone, Gabriel replied.

Past-Death was going to be brutal to deal with, if Deidre ever got out of Hell.

She's not broken like we are, Wynn had told Deidre before she left Hell.