Sentence Examples with the word Defying

So early as the beginning of July, Austrian officers, with the permission of the minister of war, had joined the Serb insurgents who, under Stratemirovic, were defying the Magyar power in the banat.

The order thus sharply divided is united by an intimate interlacing of characters, and forms a compact whole at present defying intrusion from any other crustacean group. Since 1775, when J.

At the approach of spring the red squirrels got under my house, two at a time, directly under my feet as I sat reading or writing, and kept up the queerest chuckling and chirruping and vocal pirouetting and gurgling sounds that ever were heard; and when I stamped they only chirruped the louder, as if past all fear and respect in their mad pranks, defying humanity to stop them.

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She lifted her chin, defying him to lash out at her again.

She tore her gaze away and twisted her head, yielding yet defying him as well.

The development of culture is to a certain extent a question of race, and although forming one species, the varieties of mandiffer in almost imperceptible gradations with a complexity defying classification (see Anthropology).

Lancaster hoped to use Wycliffe as his mouthpiece against his enemies; Wycliffe hoped to see Lancaster disendowing bishops and monasteries and defying the pope.

A tear rolled down her cheek and made a death defying leap to her coat.