Sentence Examples with the word Defiling

As the Frankish forces were defiling through the passes of the Pyrenees they were attacked by the Wascones (probably Basques), and the rearguard of the army was almost annihilated.

Skippy's up there defiling Sarah and I'm the pig.

Nations come and go without defiling it.

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The worst sacrilege of all, defiling the Host, is mentioned frequently, and generally brought the death penalty accompanied by the cruellest and most ignominious tortures.

On the other hand, since the isolation of the sacred, even when originally conceived in the interest of the profane, may be interpreted as self-protection on the part of the sacred as against defiling contact, taboo takes on the connotation of ascetic virtue, purity, devotion, dignity and blessedness.

Too holy, or - what among Semites and others was the same thing - too defiling and unclean, to be eaten.

At midday the Russian baggage train, the artillery, and columns of troops were defiling through the town of Enns on both sides of the bridge.