Sentence Examples with the word Deepened

When she didn't reject him, Gabriel deepened the kiss, nibbling at her full lower lip.

But the questions proper to the new day came swiftly upon his quick and susceptible mind - enlarged, deepened and developed it.

Two missionaries were sent to the Friendly Islands in 1826, and in 1835 a mission was undertaken among the cannibals of Fiji, which spread and deepened till the whole group of islands was transformed.

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Under an act of 1791 harbour trustees were appointed who cleared and deepened the river bed and built a long pier on either side of it; in 1796 the approach to the port was made safer by means of an improved light on Mumbles Head.

He nibbled on her lower lip then deepened the kiss.

The harbour of St George's has space enough to accommodate a vast fleet; yet, till deepened by blasting, the entrance was so narrow as to render it almost useless.

The bed of the river was deepened to 27 ft.

By the completion of the engineering works on the Weser in 1887-1899, whereby, among other improvements, the river was straightened and deepened to 18 ft., large ocean-going vessels are able to steam right up to the city itself.

The conception of linkage needs to be deepened by the realization of the middle term as the ground of nexus in a real order which is also rational.

The new synthesis reveals a universal decline from the 5th to the 10th centuries, while the Germanic races were learning the rudiments of culture, a decline that was deepened by each succeeding wave of migration, each tribal war of Franks or Saxons, and reached its climax in the disorders of the 9th and 10th centuries when the half-formed civilization of Christendom was forced to face the migration of the Northmen by sea, the raids of the Saracen upon the south and the onslaught of Hungarians and Sla y s upon the east.