Sentence Examples with the word Dedicatory

Harvey (not Bacon) is the only Englishman he mentions in the dedicatory epistle prefixed to the De corpore, among the founders, before himself, of the new natural philosophy.

The surface was plain, inscribed with dedicatory or other legends, or adorned with symbolical carving.

Of his life little is known, and that little is chiefly derived from the dedicatory letters prefixed to two of his treatises and addressed respectively to Bishop Theodald (not Theobald, as Burney writes the name) of Arezzo, and Michael, a monk of Pomposa and Guido's pupil and friend.

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Remains of a Roman thermal establishment exist near the principal spring, the so-called Lago della Regina (which is continually diminishing in size owing to the deposit left by the water), and dedicatory inscriptions in honour of the waters have been found.

The later village lay at the foot of the hill on the eastern edge of the high-road, and its curia, with a dedicatory inscription to M.

The dedicatory preface is dated 23rd August 1535.

It is possible then that Aristotle may have written the dedication to Alexander about 34 0 and treated him as if he were king in the dedicatory epistle.

There is no evidence of the existence of a cult of Caelus, the occurrence of the name in dedicatory inscriptions being due to Oriental influences, the worship of the sky being closely connected with that of Mithras.

A dedicatory inscription runs along the face of the top step, and has been the subject of much dispute.

In the famous dedicatory letter of his Alceste he mentions among other conceptions on which his reform of opera was to be based, that the co-operation of the instruments ought to be regulated in proportion to the interest and the passion, a doctrine of which the true significance lies in its connexion with other conditions of opera which are incompatible with the polyphonic treatment of instruments as threads in a decorative scheme.