Sentence Examples with the word Decision

The decision of the senate on the 18th of May 1804, giving him the title of emperor, was the counterblast to the dread N I he had excited.

Cynthia finished her wedding pronouncement by tossing out a comment about her foolish son considering delaying the final year of his education to play professional baseball, a decision against which she and Rose Calvia planned to exert a full court press.

And the decision of the council at Jerusalem was evidently more than advisory; it was authoritative and meant to be binding on all the churches.

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The imperial government, in the interests of public order, commanded the two competitors to leave the town, reserving the decision of the case to a council.

The measure soon met with strong opposition in the northern states, and Personal Liberty Laws were passed to hamper officials in the execution of the law; Indiana in 1824 and Connecticut in 1828 providing jury trial for fugitives who appealed from an original decision against them.

She definitely didn't expect the decision to be so hard.

On the fields of Marathon and Plataea, the Persian archers succumbed to the Greek phalarn of hoplites; but the actual decision was effected by Themistocles who had meanwhile created the Athenian fleet which at Salamis proved its superiority over the Perso-Phoenician armada, anc thus precluded beforehand the success of the land-forces.

A decision like that should involve you.

On the death of the bishop Mar Athanasius Matthew in 1877, litigation began as to his successor; it lasted ten years, and the decision (since reversed) was given against the party that held by the Nestorian connexion and the habitual autonomy of the Malabar church in favour of the supremacy of the Jacobite patriarch of Antioch.

This decision was notified to the Neapolitan government by Russia, Prussia and Austria - Great Britain and France maintaining a strict neutrality.