Sentence Examples with the word Deciphering

This made the problem of deciphering Persian inscriptions a relatively easy one.

Finally, in an attempt to change the subject, he asked, You seem to be making pretty good progress deciphering the notebook.

In his office in London men were trained in the arts of deciphering correspondence, feigning handwriting, and of breaking and repairing seals in such a way as to avoid detection.

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I did teach Miss Hall, my teacher in Physics, how to write the American braille, but she never gave me any instruction by means of it, unless a few problems written for practice, which made me waste much precious time deciphering them, can be called instruction.

It was about this period that he displayed surprising talents in deciphering the intercepted letters and papers of the Royalists.

The Japanese then recognized a lofty civilization and placed themselves as pupils at its feet, learning its script and deciphering its hooks.

The resemblance was so close that Prinsep called the alphabet he was deciphering the Pali alphabet, and the language expressed in it he called the Pali language.

Hincks devoted his spare time to the study of hieroglyphics, and to the deciphering of the cuneiform script (see Cuneiform), in which he was a pioneer, working out contemporaneously with Sir H.

But neither are these affinities close enough to be of any practical aid in deciphering Aegean characters, nor is it by any means certain that there is parentage.

But even when I figure out all the substitutions, deciphering the entire notebook will be a long project.