Sentence Examples with the word December

At a scientific meeting of the Zoological Society of London, on the 17th of December 1901, Mr Oldfield Thomas read a letter from Mr G.

By the peace signed on the 24th of December 1502, however, the status quo was practically restored, the sultan contenting himself with receiving Santa Maura in exchange for Cephalonia.

For two years Walad Michael continued to harass the border, but in December 1878 he submitted to King John, by whose orders he was (Sept.

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The constitution of the state was framed by a convention that sat at Denver from December 1875 to March 1876; various territorial conventions met here; and here W.

On 6th December 1595 he was admitted to a canonry at Canterbury (which he resigned in 1602), and in the same year to the vicarage of Lewisham, Kent, where he became an intimate friend of Richard Hooker, his near neighbour, whom he absolved on his deathbed.

On the 11th of December 1834 a chief of high rank was killed while resisting a commando party.

He at once took part against those who called for the execution of Charles, and on the 6th of December delivered a speech of enormous length in favour of conciliating the king.

The relations between national and local authorities fluctuated considerably during the Directory; and it is noteworthy that the constitution of December 1799 placed local administration merely under the control of ministers at Paris.

The Report and Memoranda of the Commission were published on the 2nd of December 1910.

PHILLIPS BROOKS (1835-1893), American clergyman and author, was born in Boston, Mass., on the 13th of December 1835.