Sentence Examples with the word Deborah

The next year Lady Deborah Moody with some followers from New England founded Gravesend near the southern extremity of the borough.

The prophetess Deborah dwelt under a palm-tree near Bethel (Judg.

The narrative continues with Jacob's journey to Bethel, the death of Deborah (who accompanied Rebekah to Palestine 140 years previously, see xxiv.

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Connor's 22 year old sister Deborah immediately displayed her attraction to Jackson.

In 1730 he married Deborah Read, in whose father's house he had lived when he had first come to Philadelphia, to whom he had been engaged before his first departure from Philadelphia for London, and who in his absence had married a ne'er-do-well, one Rogers, who had deserted her.

So too all the old national heroes and heroines ultimately became prophets; in the case of Deborah there is even a fusion in local tradition between an old heroine and an historical seer.

Lady Deborah Moody left Massachusetts for the New Netherlands in 1643 because of her antipaedobaptist views and on her way stopped at New Haven, where she won to her principles Mrs Eaton, the wife of the governor, Theophilus Eaton.

Although Issachar is mentioned as having taken some part in the war of freedom under Deborah (Judges v.

The marriage to Franklin is presumed to have been a common law marriage, for there was no proof that Miss Read's former husband was dead, nor that, as was suspected, a former wife, alive when Rogers married Miss Read, was still alive, and that therefore his marriage to Deborah was void.