Sentence Examples with the word Debarred

It is even true to say that an ambassador is practically debarred from coming into actual touch with currents of public feeling and the passing influences which, in this age of democracy, determine the course of events in the political life of peoples.

Under the law of the 29th of June 1890 every Spaniard who is not debarred from his civil and civic rights by any legal incapacity, and has resided consecutively two years in his parish, becomes an elector on completing his twenty-fifth yearSoldiers and sailors in active service cannot vote.

S i ze.) face or shallow water, notwithstanding their feeble powers of vision, cannot live long when entirely debarred from light.

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Paley's latitudinarian views are said to have debarred him from the highest positions in the Church.

He had already begun his labours as a historian, but after serving his sentence in 1837, found himself debarred till 1839 from completing his course at Halle, where in 1842 he obtained a professorship. Elected to the National Assembly at Frankfort in 1848, he joined the Right Centre party, and was chosen reporter of the projected constitution.

The few settlements beyond the Great Valley were free for self-defence because debarred from general participation in the conflict by reason of their position.

Dollond in 1757, was long debarred from becoming effective by difficulties in the manufacture of glass, aggravated in England by a heavy excise duty, levied until 1845.

The serfs were rigidly debarred from intermixture or social advancement, and were watched by their masters with a suspicion fully justified by recurrent ineffectual revolts.

The outlines of her foreign policy are sketched elsewhere (see English History), and her courtships were diplomatic. Contemporary gossip, which was probably justified, said that she was debarred from matrimony by a physical defect; and her cry when she heard that Mary queen of Scots had given birth to a son is the most womanly thing recorded of Elizabeth.

And so, probably in 1221, St Francis drew up a Rule for those of his followers who were debarred from being members of the order of Friars Minor.