Sentence Examples with the word Dawson

The peculiar action of electric sparks and waves in reducing the resistance of discontinuous conductors was rediscovered and investigated by Calzecchi Onesti,' by Branly, 2 Dawson Turner, 3 Minchin, Lodge, 4 and many others.

C. Dawson (1887); and W.

He was Minister of Railways in the short-lived Dawson Ministry of 1899, and in 1901 was elected a member of the Commonwealth Parliament, retaining his scat for 15 years.

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In 1862 he broke up his school, and removed to the rectory of Winterborne Came, to which he was presented by his old friend, Captain Seymour Dawson Darner.

He was in charge of the Canadian government's Yukon expedition in 1887, and his name is permanently written in Dawson City, of gold-bearing fame.

This was the object of Dr Leichhardt's expedition in 1844, which proceeded first along the banks of the Dawson and the Mackenzie, tributaries of the Fitzroy river, in Queensland.

On his marriage in 1823 with Elizabeth, daughter of Dawson Turner of Great Yarmouth, he had become a Christian, and had changed his name to Palgrave, the maiden name of his wife's mother.

SIR JOHN WILLIAM DAWSON (1820-1899), Canadian geologist, was born at Pictou, Nova Scotia, on the 30th of October 1820.

South of the latitude of Dawson City - the period between seed-time and harvest having been ninety-one days.

The western group of islands, demarcated by Brecknock Peninsula, includes Clarence Island and Captain Cook's Desolation Land, with Dawson Island and numerous rocks and islets.