Sentence Examples with the word Dawn

He stepped into a hall with streams of Guardians preparing for the dawn raid.

We must explain this legend, then, on these principles, and not as an allegory of the dawn as the dawn appears to civilized people.

By dawn they had left the wagons far behind.

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He paused, glancing at the yellow stripe of dawn nudging back the night sky.

Men thought they were witnessing the dawn of a new era in the East; Mehemet Ali was hailed as the most beneficent and enlightened of princes; and political philosophers like Jeremy Bentham, who sent him elaborate letters of good advice, thought to find in him the means for developing their theories in virgin soil.

The distressful island of Ireland was at this moment enjoying the anarchy which had reigned therein since the dawn of history.

At the dawn of Greek history Mycenae is no longer the seat of empire; new empires, polities and civilizations have grown up - Sparta with its military discipline, Delphi with its religious supremacy, Miletus with its commerce and numberless colonies, Aeolis and Ionia, Sicily and Magna Graecia.

Until 1811 the Calvinistic Methodists had no ministers ordained by themselves; their enormous growth in numbers and the scarcity of ministers to administer the Sacrament - only three in North Wales, two of whom had joined only at the dawn of the century - made the question of ordination a matter of urgency.

When Pierre saw his neighbor next morning at dawn the first impression of him, as of something round, was fully confirmed: Platon's whole figure--in a French overcoat girdled with a cord, a soldier's cap, and bast shoes--was round.

The conception of reason in the world passed from him to Aristotle, to whom it seemed the dawn of sober thought after a night of disordered dreams. From Aristotle it descended to his commentators, and under the influence of Averroes became the engrossing topic of speculation.