Sentence Examples with the word Dauphine

Four years later, as Charles came to the Bourbonnais, Louis, fearing for his life, fled to Flanders to the court of Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy, leaving Dauphine to be definitely annexed to the crown of France.

He received the appanage of Dauphine at his birth, and was thus the first of the princes of France to bear the title of dauphin from infancy.

ALPHONSE MARIE MARCELLIN THOMAS BERENGER (1785-1866), known as Berenger de la Drome, French lawyer and politician, son of a deputy of the third estate of Dauphine to the Constituent Assembly, was born at Valence on the 31st of May 1785.

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Amongst books dealing with the more modern history of the Vaudois specially are Leger, Histoire des eglises vaudoises; Arnaud, Histoire de la rentree des Vaudois; Perrin, Histoire des Vaudois; Monastier, Histoire de l'eglise vaudoise; Muston, L' Israel des Alpes; Gilly, Excursion to the Valleys of Piedmont, and Researches on the Waldensians; Todd, The Waldensian Manuscripts; Melia, Origin, Persecution and Doctrines of the Waldensians; Jules Chevalier, Memoires sur les heresies en Dauphine avant le X VP siecle, accompannes de documents inedits sur les sorciers et les Vaudois (Valence, 1890); J.

Antoine de Chabannes, who was to be the instrument of the plot, revealed it to Charles, and Louis was mildly punished by being sent off to Dauphine (1447).

Among the more curious of such remains is part of a skull, which in the year 1779 was disinterred in the Rue Dauphine in Paris, a short street opening almost directly upon the palace of the Tuileries; and bones disinterred in excavating the great docks of Antwerp, in Napoleon's time.

Chief Peaks of the Dauphine Alps.

La Salette in Dauphine (1846), and more particularly Lourdes (1858) in the department of Hautes Pyrenees - but the numbers once more attained a height which enables them to compete with the medieval figures.

Then attempted to ensure the loyalty of the duke of Bourbon by the gift of a large pension, forgave all the rebellious gentry, and installed his son in Dauphine (see Louis XI.).