Sentence Examples with the word Dates

It follows, therefore, that the maritime importance of the island dates back to pre-Dorian times.

The church of St James dates from 1763, and the other numerous places of worship and public buildings are all modern.

Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, the origin of which dates from the beginning of the 6th (?) century, but which as it stands was consecrated in '132, is very similar to S.

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Ussher and others, arguing back from the dates in xlvii.

The dates are those of the annals in the Chronicle, with approximate corrections in brackets.

One thing, however, is pretty certain, and that is that the enormous dates B.C. assigned to it by de Morgan and Pumpelly cannot be accepted.

Prior to the establishment of the monarchy the conditions for securing an exact and consecutive chronology did not exist; the dates in the earlier period of the history, though apparently in many cases precise, being in fact added long after the events described, and often (as will appear below) resting upon an artificial basis, so that the precision is in reality illusory.

The most probable of the above dates appears to be that maintained by Fritzsche, that is, if we understand by the Maccabean times the early decades of the 2nd cent.

It was at this period of his life, when his inner troubles of spirit harmonized with the unhappy external conditions of his lot, that he began an earnest and prolonged study of the Bible; and from this time dates the tone of extreme pietism which is characteristic of his writings, and which undoubtedly alienated many of his friends.

The foundation of the present buildings, however, dates from Antoninus Pius, and their dedication from Septimius Severus, whose coins first show the two temples.