Sentence Examples with the word Darting

He returned to the house to await Darian, not surprised to see Bianca's black and white cat darting down the stairs.

She breathed deeply of the clear air and listened to the sound of the creek darting over rocks - swirling against its banks.

Ashley exclaimed, darting around the towering vampire.

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This splendid group of colored suns sent rays darting in every direction, and as the horse and buggy--with Dorothy and Zeb--sank steadily downward and came nearer to the lights, the rays began to take on all the delicate tintings of a rainbow, growing more and more distinct every moment until all the space was brilliantly illuminated.

She stepped back and whirled, darting toward the door.

It is done by darting a short-handled cutting-spade, to which is attached a rope for hauling it back again.

The creature loped ahead, darting out of sight down another hall.

She jumped up, pushing them all away, darting for the bathroom with a hand over her mouth.

The forms were getting braver, darting out from the trees and then retreating when she flashed the light in that direction.

There was no point in freezing her buns off darting across the cold floor to lock the door.