Sentence Examples with the word Darstellung

Schneckenburger, Vergleichende Darstellung des lutherischen and reformierten Lehrbegriffs (Stuttgart, 1855); G.

Winer, Comparative Darstellung (Berlin, 1866; Eng.

The most important of his numerous works are the Wissenschaftslehre, oder Versuch einer neuen Darstellung der Logik, advocating a scientific method in the study of logic (4 vols., Sulzbach, 1837); the Lehrbuch der Religionswissenschaft (4 vols., Sulzbach, 1834), a philosophic representation of all the dogmas of Roman Catholic theology; and Athanasia, oder Gri nde fiir die Unsterblichkeit der Seele (2nd ed., Mainz, 1838).

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Gartner, Darstellung der rumdnischen Sprache (Halle, 1904); G.

Of Rosenkranz's edition; Borowski, Darstellung des Lebens and Charakters Kants (Konigsberg, 1804); Wasianski, Kant in seinen letzten Lebensjahren (Konigsberg, 1804); Stuckenberg, The Life of Immanuel Kant (1882); Rudolf Reicke, Kants Briefwechsel (1900).

On only one point, the position assigned in the Wissenschaftslehre to the absolute ego, is there any obscurity; but the relative passages are far from decisive, and from the early work, Neue Darstellung der Wissenchaftslehre, unquestionably to be ins uded in the Jena period, one can see that from the outset the doctrine of the absolute ego was held in a form differing only in statement from the later theory.

He tells us (Kurze Darstellung des theologischen Studiums, 1811) that the theologian, while himself loyal to his Church, must expound, as a historian, the beliefs actually held in the branch of the Church which he represents.

Als empirische Wissenschaft (2 vols., Leipzig, 1855); Darstellung and Kritik der Beweise fur das Dasein Gottes (Heidelberg, 1840); Beitrcige zur Psych.