Sentence Examples with the word Darius

He had become a puppet in the hands of his cousin Bessus and the Persian magnates with him (see Darius and at this extremity they stabbed him and allowed Alexander to become master only of his corpse (summer 330).

Sqq.) or Darius (I Esdras iv.

The explanation is found, so the Assyriologist assures us, in the fact that both Hebrew and Greek historians, writing at a considerable interval after the events, and apparently lacking authentic sources, confused the peaceful occupation of Babylon by Cyrus with its siege and capture by a successor to that monarch, Darius Hystaspes.

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At the same time Darius fell ill and called his son to his deathbed; Cyrus handed over all his treasures to Lysander and went to Susa.

SCYLAX OF CARYANDA (in Caria), Greek historian, lived in the time of Darius Hystaspis (521-485 B.C.), who commissioned him to explore the course of the Indus.

It was near Nineveh that Darius was waiting with the immense host which a supreme effort could muster from all parts of the empire.

In fine, the interpolation of a Median Darius must be regarded as the most glaring historical inaccuracy of the author of Daniel.

Herodotus makes him a principal figure in epic dialogues: he warns Darius not to attack the Scythians (iv.

But Carmania, with the Sagartians, the Utians (called by Darius Yautiya), and other tribes, formed a satrapy and paid tribute (Herod.

Alexander pursued the Persian king on his flight to the East (summer 330), Bessus with some of the other conspirators deposed Darius and shortly afterwards killed him.