Sentence Examples with the word Darian

Charles whipped out his weapons, and Darian soon saw why.

Damian and Darian interfered quickly.

The obelisk tipped and then fell, tearing a hole in the ground that threw Darian and Yully into the shallows of the ocean.

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Bring them back, Dusty said, not understanding how Darian had punctured a hole between the mortal and immortal worlds.

Dusty wanted nothing more than to order Darian back to Ohio to finish one mess before dragging them into another.

I don't know what's true about Darian destroying a world, but the Others would do everything they could to destroy ours.

Maybe Darian hadn't been talking about infidelity but about something else.

He created the confusion while Eden, Darian and Jule fought.

Her gaze went from Darian to her father, and Jule saw the flash of anger that crossed her face.

She hadn't seen Darian since he dumped her with the Black God in the alternate dimension, and she didn't like the way the air around him shimmered, at once dark and light.