Sentence Examples with the word Darby

In 1830 Darby at Plymouth won over many people to his way of thinking, among them James L.

Although small Christian communities existed in Ireland and elsewhere calling themselves Brethren, and holding similar views, the accession to the ranks of Darby so increased their numbers and influence that he is usually reckoned the founder of Plymouthism.

In 1838 Darby went to reside in French Switzerland, and made many disciples.

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They could not even prevent Admiral George Darby from relieving Gibraltar and Minorca in April.

His opinions also found their way into France, Germany, German Switzerland, and Italy; but French Switzerland has always remained the stronghold of Plymouthism on the Continent, and for his followers there Darby wrote two of his most important tracts, Le Ministere considere dans sa nature and De la Presence et de l'action du S.

Meticulous in personal cleanliness, Darby wore every piece of clothing only once.

Unable to detach the congregation from the teacher, Darby began a rival assembly.

The Brethren started a periodical, The Christian Witness, continued from 1849 as The Present Testimony, with Harris as editor and Darby as the most important contributor.

It was then, in 1735, that Abraham Darby showed how to make cast iron with coke in the high furnace, which by this time had become a veritable blast furnace.