Sentence Examples with the word Dar

In Dar Hamid, in the N.W.

Instead of following up his victories, Abu Gemaiza retired to Dar Tama to augment his army, to which thousands flocked as the news of his achievements spread far and wide.

Considerable energy was shown in railway construction and by the end of 1918 there were combined railway and steamer routes from the mouth of the Congo to Dar es Salaam and Cape Town.

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Dukhn is, however, the only crop cultivated in Dar Homr. From this grain a beer called merissa is brewed.

By r5 m., and contains the ruins of Nineveh at Kuyunjik and Nebi Yunus, of Dar Sargon at Khorsabad to the N.E.

In the south are flat, fertile and thickly wooded plains, which give place to jungle at the foot of the hills of Dar Nuba, the district forming the southeast part of Kordofan.

Sykes, Dar ul-Islam (1904); E.

The south-western part of the country, a vast and almost level plain, is known as Dar Homr. A granitic sand with abundance of mica and feldspar forms the upper stratum throughout the greater part of Kordofan; but an admixture of clay, which is observable in the north, becomes strongly marked in the south, where there are also stretches of black vegetable mould.

It rises, as the Boro or Telgona, in Dar Fertit, and receives from the south and south-west the Raga, Sopo, Chel and Bongo.

Other large tribes are the Dar Hamid and the Bederia - the last-named living round El Obeid.