Sentence Examples with the word Daniela

He could look straight into the courtyard of the men.s wing, and the furious Daniela standing in the middle staring at him.

As if sensing her distress, Daniela poured her another two shots of brandy.

She understood why Daniela kept feeding her brandy the night before.

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As if on cue, the flushed cook returned for her plate, and Daniela ordered the brandy and two glasses.

The only one who seemed willing to talk to her before being shushed by Daniela was Rhyn.

Curiosity drew her to the gate again, where tiny Daniela was animated and angry as she stood between Rhyn and Kris.

She heard Daniela outside the dining hall, lecturing someone.

Whatever Daniela said to him after she fled worked, and Katie didn't see him for the rest of the day.

She'd seen a handful of nuns yesterday, and only Daniela spoke to her.

She gathered her things and searched for Daniela --or anyone --but no one was around.