Sentence Examples with the word Dangled

Jenn dangled into the other world.

It dangled in the open space at his neck, visible through the unfastened top button of his loose shirt.

This enterprise and the acquisition of Finland from Sweden, which Napoleon also dangled before the eyes of the tsar, formed the bait which brought that potentate into Napoleon's Continental System.

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You feared death, and I dangled hope in front of you.

I made the agreement with Zamon and then dangled the carrot in front of Darkyn.

When he rose, her feet dangled high off the ground.

A single bulb dangled from the ceiling, lighting up a wide area but not the entire space.

Two brightly lit, massive bronze chandeliers dangled at even distances across the ceiling.

He was a great consumer of meat, usually carrying his dinner to his work a couple of miles past my house--for he chopped all summer--in a tin pail; cold meats, often cold woodchucks, and coffee in a stone bottle which dangled by a string from his belt; and sometimes he offered me a drink.

Then I pinned a veil over my head so that it covered my face and fell in folds down to my shoulders, and tied an enormous bustle round my small waist, so that it dangled behind, almost meeting the hem of my skirt.