Sentence Examples with the word Dane

Immediately appointed him to succeed his patron as imperial mathematician, although at a reduced salary of Soo florins; the invaluable treasure of Tycho's observations was placed at his disposal; and the laborious but congenial task was entrusted to him of completing the tables to which the grateful Dane had already affixed the title of Rudolphine.

It is notable that when, after Edreds death, there was civil strife, owing to the quarrel of his nephew Edwy with some of his kinsmen, ministers and bishops, the rebels, who included the majority of the Mercians and Northumbrians, set up as their pretender to the throne not a Dane but Edwys younger brother Edgar, who ruled for a short time north of Thames, and became sole monarch on the death of his unfortunate kinsman.

Pococke (1704-1765), the Dane F.

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Torfaeus (1636-1719) and Bartholin, a Dane (d.

The Great Dane is somewhat similar in general character, but is still more gracefully built, with slender limbs and more pointed muzzle.

In 1829 he became the first Dane Professor of Law at Harvard University, and continued until his death to hold this position, meeting with remarkable success as a teacher and winning the affection of his students, whom he imbued with much of his own enthusiasm.

The form ceorl soon became cherl, as in Havelok the Dane (ante 1300) and several times in Chaucer, and subsequently churl.

An earthwork known as Castle Rough, in the marshes below Milton, was probably the work of Hasten the Dane in 892, and Bayford Castle, a mile distant, occupies the site of one said to have been built in opposition by King Alfred, Tong Castle is about 2 m.

The other principal rivers are the following: - The Dane rises at the junction of the three counties, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire.

Engaged in wars with each other, Dane and Norseman had no leisure to think of reconquering England.