Sentence Examples with the word Dammed

The Makakau and Selabung drain into Lake Ranau, which on the south side is dammed by the volcano Seminung.

In 1257 the Jordan was dammed up for several hours by a landslip, probably due to heavy rain.

Fish abound at many parts of the coast, and are taken by lines, or speared at night by torchlight, or netted, or a river is dammed and the fish stupefied with the root of a milletia.

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The city proper lies on both sides of the little river Alster, which, dammed up a short distance from its mouth, forms a lake, of which the southern portion within the line of the former fortifications bears the name of the Inner Alster (Binnen Alster), and the other and larger portion (2500 yards long and 1300 yards at the widest) that of the Outer Alster (Aussen Alster).

It now appeared that the enemy had dammed the sweet-water canal and blocked the railway at Tell-el-Mahuta, where entrenchments had been thrown up and resistance seemed to be contemplated.

Within the city limits, is dammed a short distance south of the city, and 16,000 horse-power is generated, part of which is transmitted to the city.

The Tarnak is dammed for irrigation at intervals, and in the hot season almost exhausted.

On the south Fuji slopes unbroken to the sea, but on the other three sides the plain from which it rises is surrounded by mountains, among which, on the north and west, a series of most picturesque lakes has been formed in consequence of the rivers having been dammed by ashes ejected from Fujis crater.

By this time the rainy season has thoroughly set in, and the field is dammed up so as to retain the water.

The harbour, sheltered by a breakwater, will admit vessels of 300 tons at high water; and the river has been dammed to form a basin for the canal which runs to Launceston.