Sentence Examples with the word Damian

Dusty's interviewees rarely lived through the ordeal, and Damian wasn't yet ready for that step.

The more Damian dealt with them, the less he wanted to deal with them again.

Dustin looked at her then tossed a look over his shoulder at Damian before directing her away.

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He knelt over Damian and pulled the ring from his finger.

By the time Dusty figures out what to do, Damian will be dead.

He'd been enslaved the day of the Schism, and Damian would never speak of what happened to their home.

I'm getting reports from the recruitment team that a lot of their newly flagged Guardians are getting whacked as soon as they make the list, Damian said.

The magic made her head spin, but she focused on the two most powerful sources: Damian and Jonny.

At the pause, Damian knew they were all looking at the geospatial depiction.

That he was an Original Being who had chosen to stay with Damian and a woman long since dead.