Sentence Examples with the word Dale

His published works are: Hints Toward Reforms (1850); Glances at Europe (1851); History of the Struggle for Slavery Extension (1856); Overland Journey to San Francisco (1860); The American Conflict (2 vols., 1864-1866); Recollections of a Busy Life (1868; new edition, with appendix containing an account of his later years, his argument with Robert Dale Owen on Marriage and Divorce, and Miscellanies, 1873); Essays on Political Economy (1870); and What I know of Farming (1871).

It is found experimentally that the Lorenz and Lorentz function holds fairly well, and better than the Gladstone and Dale formula.

The Blue faced Wensleydales take their name from the Yorkshire dale of which Thirsk is the centre.

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The place of meeting, Elvira, was not far from the modern Granada, if not, as Dale thinks, actually identical with it.

Borrowdale is joined on the east by the bare wild dale of Langstrath, and the Greta joins the Derwent immediately below Derwentwater; the town of Keswick lying near the junction.

Lanzani, Stone dei comuni italiani dale onigini fino at 1313 (1882); C. Cipolla, Storia delle Signorie Italiane dat 1313 at 1530 (188 f); A.

A favourite spot is the Zugliget (Auwinkel), a wooded dale on the northern slope of the hill.

Mansi, Hardouin, Hefele and Dale are in substantial agreement upon 305 or 306, and this is probably the closest approximation possible in the present state of the evidence.

He held the most rigid views on the sanctity of marriage and against easy divorce, and vehemently defended them in controversies with Robert Dale Owen and others.

In Cover Dale near Middleham is the ruined Premonstratensian abbey of Coverham, founded here in the 13th century and retaining a gatehouse and other portions of Decorated date.