Sentence Examples with the word Dal

Besides the barracks there are a circuit house, dal bungalow, courthouse, and post and telegraph offices.

Von Platen, Storia del reame di Napoli dal 1414 al 1423 (1864).

This was Ulidia, consisting of Dalriada, Dal Fiatach, Dal Araide, including the present counties of Antrim and Down.

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Perini, Di qua dal Mareb (Florence, 1905).

In 1867 he married Princess Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo della Cisterna, who bore him three sons, viz.

Comparetti and de Petra, op. cit.) that the library was collected by Lucius Piso Caesoninus (see Regione sotterrata dal Vesuvio, Naples, 1879, p. 159 sq.), but this conjecture has not found many supporters.

A few other establishments including both mechanical workshops and ore-extraction works may be mentioned: Domnarfvet, on the Dal River, near Falun; Sandviken, near Gefle; and Bofors in Orebro Lan.

It is the work of the sculptor dal Zotto.

Of that diet Dal was the indispensable leader.

His great work, Le Istorie del regno di Napoli dal 1250 fino al 1498, first appeared at Naples in 1572, and was the fruit of thirty or forty years' labour; but nine more years were devoted to the task before it was issued in its final form at Aquila (1581).