Sentence Examples with the word Dakotas

On the admission of Minnesota into the Union in 1858, the eastern section was again left unorganized until the 2nd of March 1861, when the territory of Dakota was created, including the present Dakotas and portions of Wyoming and Montana.

In 1854 the Territory of Nebraska was organized from a portion of the Missouri Territory, and the part of the Dakotas W.

In states such as Wyoming and the Dakotas the population is largely rural, and the deaths by lightning rise in consequence.

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In 1863 when Idaho Territory was formed, the boundaries of the Dakotas were fixed at practically their present limits.

Above the site of Red Wing, for the purpose, according to Charlevoix, of interposing a barrier between the warring Dakotas and Chippewas; and in 1727 Rene Boucher built on the shore of Lake Pepin a fort which, after various vicissitudes, was abandoned in 1753.

Titanotherium, of the Oligocene of the Dakotas and neighbouring districts, was a huge beast, with the hinder upper premolars similar in character to the molars, a pair of horn-cores, arising from the maxilla, overhanging the nose-cavity, four front and three hind toes, only twenty dorso-lumbar vertebrae, and an almost continuous and unbroken series of teeth, in which the canines are short; the dental formula being i.

With the organization of the territory of Idaho in 1863 and the settlement of the southern boundary in 1870 and 1882, the Dakotas acquired their present territorial limits (see North Dakota).