Sentence Examples with the word Dagger

Finally, after what felt like an eternity lost in his fury, a dagger sliced his forearm.

A very finely made copper dagger (60) with deep midrib is dated to between 55 and 60 S.D.

Do you want a taste of this?... said the huntsman, pointing to his dagger and probably imagining himself still speaking to his foe.

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I could see, absolutely see, the dagger and Lady Macbeth's little white hand--the dreadful stain was as real to me as to the grief-stricken queen.

She knelt and pushed clothes and trunks out of the way to reveal a dagger wrapped in linen, several bladders, and a barrel the height of her knee.

In spite of the courage and presence of mind of Cairoli, who received the dagger thrust intended for the king, public and parliamentary indignation found expression in a vote which compelled the ministry to resign.

The flash of metal drew her attention, and she raised her eyes as he trailed the dagger down his forearm.

It was the dagger used to kill Rhyn.s mother, and the same one Andre used to kill Sasha for breaking his sacred oaths and trying to kill his brothers.

He cut his hand in his eagerness, and declared that the blood of a king was well shed in securing the destruction of such an instrument whence his popular nickname of Peter of the Dagger (delPunejalet).

She whirled again, this time slamming the dagger into the opening between the door and frame, just above a hinge, to keep it from closing.