Sentence Examples with the word Daedalus

In fact the name Daedalus is.

Here, as in Crete, Daedalus executed great works like the temple of Eryx, and it was on Sicilian soil that Minos, engaged in a western campaign, was said to have met with a violent death at the hands of the native king Kokalos (Cocalus) and his daughters.

Later critics, judging from their own notions of the natural course of development in art, ascribed to Daedalus such improvements as separating the legs.

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It was with Sicily, however, that the later Italian history of Minos and his great craftsman Daedalus was extension.

The extraordinary architectural skill, the sanitary and hydraulic science revealed in details of the building, bring us at the same time face to face with the power of mechanical invention with which Daedalus was credited.

These legends seem primarily to belong to Crete; and the Athenian element in them which connected Daedalus with the royal house of Erechtheus is a later fabrication.

As the lame smith he reminds us of Hephaestus, and in his flight with wings of Daedalus escaping from Minos.

This Daedalus must not be confused with Daedalus of Sicyon, a great sculptor of the early part of the 4th century B.C., none of whose works is extant.

The altar used at the festival in honour of Daedalus on Mt.

To Daedalus the Greeks of the historic age were in the habit of attributing buildings, and statues the origin of which was lost in the past, and which had no inscription belonging to them.