Sentence Examples with the word Dacian

The grand and enduring monument of the Dacian wars is the noble pillar which still stands on the site of Trajan's forum at Rome.

During the nine or ten years which had elapsed since the conclusion of this remarkable treaty the Dacian prince had immensely strengthened the approaches to his kingdom from the Roman side.

Some time between the years 102 and 107, which marked the termination of the first and second Dacian wars, Trajan divided the province into Pannonia superior (n civco), the western, and inferior (r) thrw), the eastern portion.

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He served with distinction in both Dacian campaigns; in the second Trajan presented him with a valuable ring which he himself had received from Nerva, a token of regard which seemed to designate Hadrian as his successor.

But the Dacians were really left independent, as is shown by the fact that Domitian agreed to purchase immunity from further Dacian inroads by the payment of an annual tribute.

The emperor now enjoyed his first Dacian triumph, and assumed the title of Dacicus.

Pretexts for a Dacian war were not difficult to find.

The inscriptions of the reign, and the Dacian campaigns, have been much studied in recent years, in scattered articles and monographs.

At Turnu Severin below the end of this famous gorge are the remains of a solid masonry bridge constructed by the same emperor at the period of his Dacian conquests.

The end of the Dacian wars was followed by seven years of peace.