Sentence Examples with the word DWELLING-PLACE

The abodes of bliss and the places of torment may be distinguished, or one last dwelling-place may be affirmed for all the dead.

The funerary customs that have been described are meaningless except on the supposition that the tomb was the regular dwelling-place of the dead.

The only one of these that need be noticed is that which provides that after the market is opened for public use every person, other than a licensed hawker, who shall sell or expose for sale in any place within the district, except in his own dwelling-place or shop, any articles in respect of which tolls are authorized to be taken shall be liable to a penalty.

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The greater part of the sanctuary was left uncovered, as best befitted a dwelling-place of the sun.

His favourite dwelling-place is a cavern in the depths of the Aegean.

The name is preserved in a small Roman site in the neighbourhood, Umm Lakis, which probably represents a later dwelling-place of the descendants of the ancient inhabitants of the city.

The material, brick and terra-cotta, is the determining cause of the characteristics of north Italian Gothic 1 This palace was originally the property of the Pesaro family, and afterwards of the duke of Este, and finally of the republic, which used it as a dwelling-place for royal guests before letting it to Turkish merchants.

S.) Ethnology Asia, including its outlying islands, has become the dwelling-place of all the great families into which the races of men have been divided.

Hall Place, which contains a fine Jacobean staircase and oak-panelled hall, is said to occupy the site of the dwelling-place of the Black Prince.

It was thus used as a name for the firmament, and in Christian literatureforthe dwelling-place of God and the blessed, and as the source of light.