Sentence Examples with the word DURHAM

Of these the northwesterly portion, which had Carlisle for its head, was not conquered till some years after the survey was made; but the omission of Northumberland and Durham has not been satisfactorily explained.

A bronze statue of the Prince Consort by Joseph Durham adorns the front terrace.

Johnston surrendered near Durham Station, in Durham county, on the 26th.

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In the Bennett house, at Durham Station, near the city, General J.

These, however, were ere long rivalled and afterwards superseded by the Shorthorn or Durham breed, which the brothers Charles and Robert Coiling obtained from the useful race of cattle that had long existed in the valley of the Tees, by applying to them the principle of breeding which Bakewell had already established.

Miss Durham interprets her results as indicating that the skin of these pigmented animals normally secretes one or more tyrosinases.

At Durham he was very charitable, and expended large sums in building and decorating his church and residence.

It is not mentioned in Boldon Book as, being part of the royal manor of Sadberg held at this time by the family of Bruce, it did not become the property of the see of Durham until the purchase of that manor in 1189.

Adjacent to the city and also in the township are East Durham and West Durham (both unincorporated), which industrially are virtually part of the city.

At the age of eighteen, on the 25th of February 1639, he married Margaret, daughter of Lord Coventry, with whom he and his wife lived at Durham House in the Strand, and at Canonbury House in Islington.