Sentence Examples with the word DUPLICITY

She'd thought him beyond the duplicity that made up the actions of the elite class.

About this time the duplicity of Tissapherneswho having again and again promised a Phoenician fleet and having actually brought it to the Aegean finally dismissed it on the excuse of trouble in the Levant - and the vigorous honesty of Pharnabazus definitely transferred the Peloponnesian forces to the north-west coast of Asia Minor and the Hellespont.

And when he heaps suspicion, not on Christian dogmas, but on beliefs of which the resemblance to Christian tenets is sufficiently patent, the real aim is so transparent that his method seems to partake rather of the nature of literary eccentricity than of polemical artifice; yet by this disingenuous indirectness he gave his argument that savour of duplicity which ever after clung to the popular conception of deism.

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On many occasions, she'd seen the duplicity and cold manipulation he'd spoken of.

After this he appears as the leader of the apostles in the story of Ananias and Sapphira, who perished at his rebuke for their duplicity (Acts v.

The interference of the state with his education, when he was quite a child, was, however, doubly harmful, as his parents taught him to despise the preceptors imposed upon him by the diet, and the atmosphere of intrigue and duplicity in which he grew up made him precociously experienced in the art of dissimulation.

When Montauban's duplicity was discovered he was deprived of his office of bailli of Cotentin and banished.

Albeit none of it definitely proved to be duplicity by Byrne beyond strong circumstantial evidence, but together the coincidences were compelling.

Of Savoy until 1860; its situation between powerful neighbours accounting for its vacillating attitude, whence arose the charges of duplicity levelled against many of its rulers, while its dominion over the Alpine passes brought many advantages.

Ironically, he seems to applaud their duplicity because it will, his characters believe, be spiritually edifying.