Sentence Examples with the word DUNGEON

The Gothic Wallace Tower in High Street stands on the site of an old building of the same name taken down in 1835, from which were transferred the clock and bells of the Dungeon steeple.

Gabriel, he's protected and helped me more than once since the dungeon and done it out of some sort of sense of duty.

They were arrested, proved guilty, and on the 5th of December condemned to death and strangled in the underground dungeon on the slope of the Capitol.

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The most noteworthy waterfalls are - Scale Force (Dano-Norwegian fors, foss), besidesCrummock, Lodore near Derwentwater, Dungeon Gill Force, beside Langdale, Dalegarth Force in Eskdale, Aira near Ullswater, sung by Wordsworth, Stock Gill Force and Rydal Falls near Ambleside.

Sirian appeared gaunt from his stay in the dungeon but otherwise clean and well-dressed.

Skelgill, Dungeon Ghyll; -holm(e) (O.N.

There she obtained an Austrian passport to the frontier, and after some fears and trouble, receiving a Russian passport in Galicia, she at last escaped from the dungeon of Napoleonic Europe.

When he left his dungeon he retired to a farm near San Casciano, and faced the fact that his political career was at an end.

For forty-six days before his trial he had been closely confined in a dungeon without lights, books or writing materials.

They emerged from the dungeon and returned to the banquet hall, where a messenger stood beside Memon.