Sentence Examples with the word DOUBLE

There is also deposited a double magnesium and potassium chloride, similar to the carnallite of Stassfurt, and finally the mother-liquor, which has now again risen to specific gravity 1.3374, contains only pure magnesium chloride.

The vibrograph is also well suited for the same purpose, and so in an especial manner is Helmholtz's double siren, in which, by continually turning round the upper box, a note is produced by it more or less out of tune with the note formed by the lower chest, according as the handle is moved more or less rapidly, and most audible beats ensue.

In the Lower Miocene occurs Protomeryx or Gomphotherium, in which there is a considerable increase in the matter of bodily size, the two metacarpal and metatarsal bones (or those which unite in the latter forms to constitute the cannon-bones) being double the length of the corresponding elements in Protylopus.

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The first Dutchman to double the Cape of Good Hope was Cornelius Houtman, who reached Sumatra and Bantam in 1596.

The laugh caused her to double over again, her body was wracked with renewed coughing.

Great quantities of votive figures and objects of cult, such as the fetish double axes and stone tables of offering, were found both above and below.

The Kvp3a61a, or Kibapts, was a high-pointed hat of Persian origin, as was also the ncipa, which served the double purpose of an ornament and a covering for the head.

It was then proposed to arrange a detector so that it was affected by the algebraic sum of the two oscillations, and by swivelling round the double receiving antennae to locate the direction of the sending station by finding out when the detector gave the best signal.

Carmen glanced at Alex and did a double take.

If, again, the wing be suddenly elevated in a strictly vertical direction, as at c d, the wing as certainly darts upwards and forwards in a double curve to e, thus converting the vertical up strokes into an upward, oblique, forward stroke.